A Unique Sales, Marketing and Branding Opportunity

Healthcare Robotics is Different
According to the most recent World Health Organization research (2015), yearly global spending on healthcare stands at approximately US $7.2 trillion or approximately 10% of global GDP. In all regions, health spending is expected to continue to rise significantly as populations grow and age, with health expenditure in emerging markets to be especially strong.

The various medical, social and business imperatives to improve healthcare, while reducing costs, act as powerful demand drivers for all manner of solutions. They also come at a time when the robotics and intelligent systems sector has reached a critical stage, expanding very quickly and poised for additional rapid, dramatic growth. The combined ability to sense, think and act, with some degree of autonomy, differentiates robotics from other types of medical devices or engineered products and services, and as such is transforming the healthcare sector creating massive business and investment opportunities in the process. Robotics products and technologies are now actively supporting healthcare professionals, their patients and medial infrastructure, and many new forms of robotics solutions are under development. The healthcare robotics markets is hot and quickly expanding.

Existing Events Lack Focus
Conferences and other events act as an industry drivers and commercialization facilitators, and this includes the healthcare robotics sector. Unfortunately, events focused on the technical issues related to the design and development of healthcare robotics technologies and products are lacking. Other classes of events do cover the application of robotics technologies to healthcare, but only peripherally, and they do not speak to the technical challenges of designing and developing commercial class solutions:

  • Academic Events – Academic healthcare events target small, narrow niches, providing content and networking opportunities, but at the expense of branding, marketing and sales opportunities for solution providers. Perhaps most importantly, academic events do not focus on the development of healthcare robotics products and systems with an eye to their commercial potential.
  • Medical Events – Medical events that include coverage of robots and robotic technologies are application oriented and typically very specific in their focus (i.e. surgical robots for knee replacement).

Who Will Attend?
The Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum differs dramatically from academic and medical events. It is the first technical event for the robotics industry that is focused on the design, development, manufacture and delivery of commercial class healthcare robotics and intelligent systems products and services. Technical and business professionals from all over the world will be in attendance, including:

  • Global 2000 Businesses
  • OEMs and Manufacturers
  • Producers of Robotics and Intelligent Systems Solutions
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Media Representatives
  • Technology/Business Analysts
  • Investment Professionals

Co-located With DeviceTalks West
Healthcare robotics share many areas of technical commonality with powered medical devices. Also, because they are both used in support of the healthcare sector, they also share many of the same challenges relating to funding, investment, testing and approval, not to mention the common goals of improving patient care and the social and business requirement to create new and innovative product offerings. Co-located with DeviceTalks West, exhibitors of the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum will have access to an additional engineering and business professionals in the medical technology community who will have open access to the expo floor for face-to-face meetings with solution providers.

A Dedicated Robotics Engineering Event – A Unique Opportunity
The Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum is dedicated to providing engineers, engineering management, and business professionals with informed guidance, peer networking opportunities, and hands-on access to the latest robotics enabling technologies, with the goal of speeding and improving the processes employed when designing, developing and manufacturing the next generation of commercial class healthcare robotics solutions. If your company provides technologies, products and services to the healthcare robotics engineering community, or are attempting to do so, the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum provides a truly unique sales, marketing and branding opportunity.