Supporting the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Community

Commercial Systems Lag
The combination of innovative research, powerful, low-cost enabling technology, and the support of business, government and academic leaders, would seem to bode well for the commercial prospects of healthcare robotics. But despite the monumental potential of healthcare robotics technologies and obvious need, commercial development of healthcare robotic products has been relatively slow.

Development Complexity Limits Innovation
The discrepancy between the amount of research, accessibility to funding, availability of enabling technologies and the lack of commercial healthcare robotics output is usually ascribed to the length of the regulatory approval processes and the novelty of the technology. That’s true, but only up to a point. The commercialization lag is largely due to the complexity of developing healthcare robotics technologies and products. The difficulty of designing and developing robust, commercial class robotics systems is so great that it has limited innovation, becoming a gating factor for the production of new classes of useful healthcare robotics products. Simply put, the demand for healthcare robotics solutions exceeds the ability of companies to deliver them. The Healthcare Robotic Engineering Forum was specifically designed to support those delivering the next generation of healthcare robotics solutions, speeding development and

Advancing Healthcare Robotics Innovation
The Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum is dedicated to providing engineers, engineering management, and business professionals with informed guidance, peer networking opportunities, and hands-on access to the latest robotics enabling technologies, with the goal of speeding and improving the processes employed when designing, developing and manufacturing the next generation of commercial class healthcare robotics solutions.

The Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum keynotes and general sessions are specifically designed to impart to technical professionals the information they need to successfully develop and manufacture healthcare robotics systems, while the exposition floor will provide attendees with direct access to the latest design and development solutions for producing healthcare robotics technologies and products. The event also includes many opportunities for face-to-face networking and social interaction.

Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum tracks include:

  • Enabling Technologies Track
  • Tools and Platforms Track
  • Design and Development Track
  • Management and Opportunity Track

Peers, Products and Partnerships
Attend the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum to learn about the latest tools, technologies and techniques for healthcare robotics design and development. Equally important, you can meet with other robotics professionals to celebrate successes, share insights, and discuss healthcare robotics business opportunities and partnerships.