Who Should Attend

The Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum is specifically designed to provided technical and business professionals chartered with producing the next generation of commercial class healthcare robotics solutions with actional content from healthcare robotics experts, high levels of user /supplier interaction and peer networking opportunities.

  • Engineers / Engineering Management – Engineering and technology professionals searching for information and products related to the development of healthcare robotics technologies and products including:
    • Design Engineers
    • System Architects
    • Software Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Human Factors Professionals
    • Mechanical/Hardware Engineers
    • Engineering Management
  • Producers of Healthcare Robotics Solutions and Enabling Technologies – Members of the healthcare robotics value chain seeking:
    • World-wide branding / marketing and sales leads
    • Information on the latest advances and new products
    • A platform to launch healthcare robotics products
    • Development and manufacturing alliances
  • OEMs and Manufacturers – Engineering and business professionals from medical/healthcare OEMs and manufacturers seeking information, partners and new robotics development insights and solutions.
  • Producers Medical Devices – Technical professionals across a variety of medical device segments developing new classes of robotic products or integrating robotic technology into existing product lines.
  • Researchers and Academics – Researchers and academics seeking the tools, technologies and techniques necessary to build the next generation of commercial healthcare robotics systems, as well as interaction with the commercial healthcare community.
  • Media Representatives and Technology / Business Analysts – National and international online, print and film-based media professionals, along with technology and business analysts, looking to serve their clients with the latest information about the healthcare robotics sector, as well as the tools, technologies and techniques available to assist designers and developers produce healthcare robotics systems.
  • Investment Professionals – Venture capitalists, along with private and public sector investment professionals.